Town of Cortland, NY

July 20, 2017
10:36 AM

Town Clerk  
Death Certificates   
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Requirements for Certified Copies of Death Certificates
Death Certificates can only be obtained by:
  • Spouse, parent or child of the deceased.
  • A lawful representative of the spouse, parent or child of the deceased.
  • Funeral Home.
  • A person requiring the record for a documented legal right or claim.  This is established on the basis of documentation that the requestor has a legal need for the copy of the death certificate.
  • A municipal, state or federal agency when needed for official purposes.

They can be obtained in person with identification (Driver's License), or by mail.

If requesting a death certificate by mail, the person must include: 

  • Money Order or personal checks (do not accept out of State checks)                                      
  • $10 per copy payable to Town of Cortlandt 
  • Notarized Letter stating reason for request and relationship to person.

Please Note: Death Certificate's are not public record.

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