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Town of Cortlandt, NY

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PLAN it WILD- February Newsletter

Release Date: February 05, 2020

© Andy Morffew, Bald Eagle Searching. Flickr CC 2.0.
Winter is here in Westchester.
The eagle has landed.
Eagle Eye - Bald Eagles have 20/5 vision and can see an ant crawling on the ground from a 10 story rooftop. 

Power Couple - Mom and Dad eagles bond as they help build their nest together and end up mating for life. 

Don't forget to observe wild bald eagles at Teatown's EagleFest!
Feb 8th, 9-4, Croton Point Park

© Marcelo Albuquerque IMG_5985, Flickr CC 2.0.
Hug a tree and see its bark up close.
Tips for Winter Tree ID:  
  • Black cherry bark looks like burnt corn flakes.
  • Sycamore trees have a smooth, whitish bark that peels off to reveal a darker bark underneath.
  • Red oaks usually have a reddish coloration in the fissures of their bark. 
  • Black gum trees have very pronounced, deep fissures in their bark.
  • Maples, ash, dogwoods, and horse chestnuts have opposite branching. All other trees have alternate branching. 
  • Light-brown leaves persist on young beech trees. 
Take a winter walk in the woods.
Go for a hike at Ward Pound Ridge Reservation and feel like you have escaped to the Adirondacks!

It's a quick drive to get to this Westchester County Park and escape into 4,300 acres of wilderness. The Park's proximity makes it easy to take a quick nature break away from work, get some crisp fresh air, and have your anxiety levels drop.
Mindful Maintenance
Why should I care about Mindful Maintenance?
  • It's time to say goodbye to the gas-powered mow and blow.
  • We now provide organic lawn care. Learn how easy it is to swap out your existing landscape crew with a Plan it Wild care team. 
  • Zero emissions, zero pesticides, quieter machines, more birds, and more butterflies.