As of January 1, 2016, all programs funds have been expended.  The Town, along with Westchester County and the East of Hudson Corporation, will be working to obtain additional funding.  Please check back periodically for program updates. Thank you.

As required by the NYSDEC, on 4/12/2011, the Town of Cortlandt Town Board, at a public meeting, adopted Local Law #1-2011 requiring residents within the NYSDEP
watershed to have their septic tanks pumped out and the septic system inspected at least once every three (3) years to be in compliance (View Local Law #1) 

View the letter to residents WITHIN the NYC DEP Watershed regarding Septic maintenance. 

Updated WC septic collectors link:
Updated WC septic contractors link:

The following links are for individual reibursement forms  (pump out and repair/replacement) and Program Agreement. 

Septic Reimbursement Program

Program Agreement

Repair Reimbursement Form

Pump-Out Reimbursement Form

For further information you can contact the Department of Technical Services: 
Michael Preziosi, P.E., (914) 734-1060 
Sharon Palmiotto (914) 734-1060

Please note that all documents require Adobe Reader