Geographic Information Systems  

To access the Town of Cortlandt GIS information click below:

Town of Cortlandt WebGIS

Please be advised our GIS program has changed.  
WebGIS works on all modern browsers and devices.

Below are instructional videos on how to use the new WebGIS:
How to Basics
Property Search
Measure & Print

To access the Westchester County GIS system: Westchester County GIS

Prior to clicking the links above  you should be aware of the following:

The Town of Cortlandt's GIS system will have tools that Westchester County's GIS system does not and vice - versa.  You may want to visit both sites.

The Town's GIS system contains digital map data of the Town of Cortlandt, New York.  There are two Villages in the Town of Cortlandt – The Village of Buchanan and the Village of  Croton-on-Hudson.  There is some limited GIS data available for the two villages through our GIS site. 
If you desire more information about the ownership of a parcel please contact our Assessor's office at (914) 734-1040.    
To confirm Zoning on a particular site in the Town outside the Villages:
please contact the DOTS Code Enforcement Division at (914) 734-1010.

If you have a specific question about GIS please email us at

Pop Up Blocker Software:

If you plan to print maps from home you will need to turn off any “Pop Up Blocker” software you may be using. 

To Print a Map at Home:

Requires require Adobe Reader