There are 3 different types of residential roads in the Town.

 1. Public: Built to Town Standards.

2. Public:  Section 189

3. Private

Roads with an adopted Section 189 status will receive snow plowing and sanitation services from the Town only for the adopted length of the road in the Town Board  Resolution.  If your road as been adopted by the Town Board as a 189 road, the road will receive basic maintenance to the road surface only.  View a full informational brochure regarding 189 Roads. 

We are working on creating a full integrated list of all Public and 189 roads but until that is available we encourage you to view the following TB Resolutions to see if your road is an adopted 189 road.  

Resolution No. 36-11 Adopted January 25, 2011
Resolution No. 86-11 Adopted March 15, 2011 *
Resolution No. 253-11 Adopted October 18, 2011
Resolution NO. 83-13 Adopted February 11, 2013 Amending Reso 86-11.

If you have questions you can contact our Department of Environmental Service at (914) 737-0100.