Local Waterfront Revitialization Program (LWRP)
Verplanck Waterfront Master Plan
Citizens Steering Committee
Lisa Cole
Frank Farrell
Holly Haight
Einar Johannsen
Melissa Johannsen
Bob Kelleher
Joe Margiotta
Stephanie Vaughey

Cortlandt Staff Advisors
Rosemary Boyle Lasher, DOTS
Chris Kehoe, AICP, DOTS
Michael Preziosi, P.E., DOTS
Ed Vergano, P.E., DOTS

Public Outreach Plan

DRAFT January, 2013 Verplanck Waterfront Master Plan
NOTE:  The Draft January 2013 Verplanck Waterfont Master Plan is a LARGE document and will take some time to download.  Please be patient. 

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