Rules and Regulations

Park Hours: 7:00 am to Dusk 
  1. Town of Cortlandt, Village of Buchanan and Village of Croton residents only.
  2. Use of ramp for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited.
  3. Town of Cortlandt Boat Launch Permit required.  Available at Cortlandt Town Hall in the Town Clerk's Office,
  4. Clear ramp area- Come in slow- NO WAKE.
  5. Seasonal use only from April 1st to October 31st.
  6. Pull boat around to launching ramp as soon as space becomes available.  Pull boat to the tie-down zone and clear the ramp so others may use the boat launch.
  7. Permit for Ramp Access MUST be in full view on the dash or mirror of your vehicle.  If your permit is not in view, you will recieve a summons and fines.
  8. Anyone driving over 5 MPH within 50 feet of the shore will forfeit their permit and be given a summons and fines.
  9. Boats not to exceed 22 feet.
  10. NO swimming, sunbathing, waterskiing or loitering in the launch area.
  11. NO overnight parking.