Greetings Parents & Youth!

The Youth Center staff wants to let you know we are thinking of you during these difficult times. We have created a wonderful list of 110+ activities for the whole family! It is a perfect combination of today's tech kid and good old fashion fun, which is sure to bring back fun memories from your childhood! 

Click the links to either pull up a document full of ideas/bring you to a website. 

Parents: Please note some of these activities require adult permission and/or supervision.

Youth: Please be sure to ask permission before: gathering supplies, doing anything messy, doing anything noisy, using tools which require supervision, touching anything hot, downloading apps, moving furniture to make space for an activity, throwing out/donating items, etc.  

110+ Things To Do At Home

1. Daily Workout Routine

2. Workout Challenges (click #1)

3. Family Workout Challenge (click # 1)

4. Yoga 

5. Read Something New

6. Read a Childhood Favorite

7. Read to a Younger Sibling

8. Listen to an Audio Book 

9. Listen to a Book Read by an Astronaut in Outer Space 

10. Write a Letter to a Relative or Friend 

11. Write a Thank You to a Soldier, Veteran, Emergency Personnel, Medical Personnel, Teacher, etc. 

12. Write a Thinking of You Card to Relative, Friend, a Senior in Nursing Home, etc.

13. Write a Memory

14. Make a Book of all Your Family Members Favorite Memories

15. Creative Writing (a poem, story, song, play, etc.) 

16. Learn Script  

17. Learn the States & Capital Song 

18. Learn /Research a Skill Set You Have Always Been Interested In

19. Learn a Language 

20. Study Your Heritage

21. Make a Family Tree/Talk to Family Members to Learn Your History

22. Make a Family 2020 Time Capsule 

23. Organize Your Family Photos

24. Organize Your Family Recipes

25. Make a Diorama 

26. Watch Zoo Live Cams: San Diego Zoo;  Smithsonian Zoo;  Houston Zoo; Bronx Zoo/NY Aquarium 

27. Take a Virtual Tour of a National Park 

28. Take a Virtual Tour of Museums from Around the World

29. Make Mother’s Day Gifts & Cards 

30. Make Father’s Day Gifts & Cards (click # 29)

31. Make Holiday Gifts & Cards (click # 29)

32. Create Beautiful Art Work; Donate to a Nursing Home (click # 29)

33. Macaroni Art (click # 29)

34. Make Homemade Play-Doh (click # 29)

35. Make Homemade Sidewalk Chalk (click # 29)

36. Learn Calligraphy 

37. Learn to Draw With: The Hub Family; Young Rembrandts 

38. Learn to Draw with Author Mo Willems 

39. Make a Buzz Saw  

40. Make a Sock Puppet 

41. Make Shadow Puppets 

42. Go Through All Your Art Supplies and Create Something 

43. Leaf Rubbings  

44. Bake

45. Cook (click # 44)

46. Taste Test Challenge (click # 44)

47. Create Your Own “Family Cooking/Baking Competition” (click # 44)

48. Cook with a friend over Zoom, Facetime, Google Hangouts, etc. 

49. Bubble Gum Blowing Contest

50. Indoor Picnic

51. Surprise Your Parents: Clean a Common Space (like: the car, family room, kitchen, bathroom, windows; chores are made fun with singing and dancing)

52. Surprise Your Parents: Fold and Put Away the Laundry

53. Downsize Your Belongings (Clothing, Accessories, Toys, Books, Electronics, Movies, etc. – throw out the junk and donate the rest!)

54. Play a Game With Just Paper & Pen

55. Make Origami 

56. Make Paper Airplanes  

57. Make a Fortune Teller  

58. Play a Card Game

59. Play a Board Game 

60. Do a Puzzle

61. Play Hide & Seek

62. Play Hide the Object / Treasure Hunt

63. Play Charades 

64. Play 20 Questions

65. Play Would You Rather 

66. Play Hot Potato 

67. Play Limbo

68. Thumb/Arm Wresting

69. Play Minute to Win it Games

70. Create an Egg Hunt

71. Indoor Scavenger Hunt Riddles  

72. A-Z Scavenger Hunt of Items in Your Home

73. Musical Chairs

74. Make-up Your Own Game

75. Make-up a Guessing Contest

76. Learn to Juggle 

77. Play Keep It Up With a Balloon

78. Family Movie Night

79. Family Fashion Show

80. Spa Day

81. Learn the Lyrics to Your Parents’ Favorite Song (at your age, make up a dance to it, and then perform it for them! Variation: have your parents do the same for you!)

82. Learn the Lyrics to Your New Favorite Songs

83. Make an Instrument and Start a Family Band 

84. Put on a Concert

85. Learn a Dance  

86. Family Karaoke

87. Family Dance Party

88. Family Talent Show

89. Theater/Drama Exercises & Games  

90. Egg Drop 

91. Bottled Egg (click # 90)

92. Dish Soap Silly Putty (click # 90)

93. Fingerprint Study (click # 90)

94. Tie-Dyed Milk (click # 90)

95. Make a Lava Lamp (click # 90)

96. Make a Tornado in a Bottle  (click # 90)

97. Rainbow in a Glass (click # 90)

98. Awesome Color Blending (click # 90)

99. Dancing Gummy Worm (click # 90)

100. Magnetic Cereal (click # 90)

101. The Floating “M” (click # 90)  

102. Build Structures Out of Toothpicks and Food (click # 90)  

103. Spider Web Challenge (click # 90)  

104. Design a Maze  (click # 90)  

105. Plant Seeds/ Grow Roots

106. Make Glow-in-the-Dark Bubbles 

107. 10 Easy Science Experiments Video  

108. Build a House Out of a Deck of Cards 

109. Legos – Build, Create, Play; 30 Day Challenge

110. Go Through Old Toys and Repurpose Them; Create Something New

111. Wildlife Conservation Society Field Sight 

112. Take a walk and count how many signs of the upcoming season you can see

113. Start a nature journal (draw and write what you see, hear and smell)

114. Create your own fossils (press items like leaves, twigs, shells into clay and let harden)

115. Go Bird Watching (Apps: Merlin Bird ID, iNaturalist, Scistarter) 

116. Go for a hike 

117. Learn how to weed a garden

118. Learn how to change a tire on the car

119. Practice counting money

120. Surprise your parents: wash and vacuum the car

121. Surprise your parents: sweep your front porch/deck daily

122. Shine your family's shoes with shoe polish and a soft brush or rags 

123. Make a healthy shake with almond milk, berries, banana, yogurt, ice & honey

124. Invent a new type of sandwich 

125. Make ice pops out of fresh fruit & fruit juice

126. Make edible glitter and decorate cupcakes, cookies, ice-cream, etc. 

127. Make a list of what you are grateful for

128. Make a list of all the places you want to travel (national & international)

129. Virtual Vacation (research & make a video of another country's culture, food, population, sights, etc.) share with your family

130. Indoor activity fitness trail (line hallway with different fitness activities to do throughout the day)

131. Outdoor activity fitness trail (using chalk write down different fitness activities and quantities, draw a hop scotch board, etc.)

132. Outdoor obstacle course (use jump ropes, hula-hoops, old tires, sticks, etc.) 

133. Citizen Science Projects from National Geographic 

134. Make a Kite

135. Paper-Mache projects 

136. Meme baby pictures of yourself/family

137. Re-arrange your bedroom for a new look

138. Stargaze & learn the constellations (Apps: Night Sky, Star Gazer+, and Star Walk) 

139. Cortlandt Recreation Stay At Home Activity Videos 

140. Sign-up for the YC's  programs (or even better, create a program for the YC)

141. Learn how different Animals Use Smells to survive

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