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Town of Cortlandt, NY

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NYS Tax Refund Check

Release Date: February 12, 2016

Your State property tax freeze credit refund check is due to Cortlandt’s Supervisor and Town Board coming under the tax cap
I am very pleased to inform our Cortlandt property owners that the Town Board and I were able to once again come under the New York State tax cap and we also have an approved efficiency tax plan that reduced our tax levies.
This effort has resulted in our Cortlandt taxpayers receiving a refund check from the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance.  However, even though this refund check comes from New York State it is due to the Supervisor and Town Board coming under the tax cap which this year was .73%. 
It is not an easy task to meet; however, we have always been committed to keeping our town of Cortlandt local tax increases each year as low as possible to help our taxpayers.  During this 25 year administration, that I have had the privilege of being Town Supervisor, our town taxes on an average have been a very low 1% increase over the entire 25 year period.  Many years were a zero % increase, one year was a minus 4% increase and the other years never went over 3%.  Put it all together and it’s been a 1% town tax increase, on average for twenty-five years.  We are the original taxcappers.
Special thanks to my colleagues on the town board, to our town comptrollers both past and present as well as to every member of our town government who has helped us achieve this goal.
Linda D. Puglisi
Town of Cortlandt Supervisor
and Town Board