All Planning Board applications are to be submitted through the OpenGOV portal.  Applicants are encouraged to contact the Director of Planning & Community Development, Chris Kehoe, AICP, at 914-734-1081 or, prior to beginning the online application process.

Members of the Cortlandt Planning Board (appointed by the Town Board) 

  • Steven Kessler, Chairman

  • Thomas A. Bianchi, Vice Chairman

  • Jeffrey Rothfeder, Member

  • Nora Hildinger, Member

  • Peter McKinley, Member

  • David Douglas, Member

  • Kevin Kobadsa, Member

Planning Board Submittal Date Schedule for 2024:

Tuesday Evenings except where noted by *

Work Sessions begin at 6:00 p.m. (same night)

Regular Meetings Begin at the conclusion of the Work Session, generally 6:30 p.m.

Work Sessions can be held on a separate night if needed and with proper notice given

Regular Meetings & Work Sessions Application Deadline
1/9/24 1/3/24
2/6/24 1/31/24
3/5/24 2/28/24
4/2/24 3/27/24
5/7/24 5/1/24
6/4/24 5/29/24
7/9/24 7/3/24
9/10/24 9/4/24
10/1/24 9/25/24
11/7/24 *Thursday 10/30/24
12/3/24 11/20/24


Overview & Pre-Application & Application 

This page outlines the Planning Board process. Applicants are encouraged to read this in its entirety before completing an application.

The Cortlandt Planning Board meets monthly – usually on a Tuesday. Please click the following link FOR A FULL LIST OF PLANNING BOARD MEETING SCHEDULES and to view Agendas and Minutes.


Pre-Application Meeting

Prior to submitting the application via OpenGOV, applicants are encouraged to contact the Director of Planning & Community Development, Chris Kehoe, AICP, at 914-734-1081 or, prior to beginning the online application process. 

The applicants should review the information below:

Initial Application on Planning Board Agenda 

The Director of Planning will place a new application on Planning  Board ("PB") agenda as a “New Business” item for initial presentation and discussion with the Board. The PB may refer the application back to staff for a “Review Memo”, schedule a public hearing or initiate an approval depending on complexity of application.


 Internal Review Process & Application Review Memorandum 

The Department of Planning & Communiyt Development, the Town's consulting Engineer and if needed, the Town's Legal Department  will prepare an “Application Review Report” with technical suggestions and pointing out where additional information may be required.  During this time, plans shall  be referred by the Town (as needed) to the following:

  • Town's Department of Environmental Services (DPW: Water & Sewer, etc.)

  • Fire Departments & EMS/Paramedics

  • Conservation Advisory Council (CAC) / Architectural Review Council (ARC)

  • County, State and Federal agencies (as required)


 Response to Review Memorandum

The Department of Planing and Community Development collects and collates all comments and recommendations from various referrals and provides these to the applicant along with plan amendment instructions in the form of the Review Memo. Applicants are expected to amend plans based on the Review Memo and external comments from interested and involved agencies and provide a point by point response in the form of a narrative/cover memo in addition to revised drawings with all revisions highlighted. Amended plans must be signed and sealed by appropriate design professionals. During this time applicants are strongly encouraged to schedule a meeting with the DOTS: Code Administration and Enforcement division to discuss all issues relating to compliance with local and State buildings codes.

After the Department of Planning and Community Development determines the applicant sufficiently addressed the comments in the Review Memo, the application will be placed on the next possible Planning Board agenda.  


Site Inspection 

When a completed application is placed back on a Planning Board agenda, the Board will determine if a Site Inspection is necessary.   Site Inspections are typically held on a Sunday morning and the applicant and/or their representative are expected to attend. If no site inspection is required, then the application will progress directly public hearing.


Public Hearing 

Applicants and or their representatives are required to attend the Planning Board Meeting to present the project and answer questions.   Once the review process is complete and the Planning Board has determined the application is ready for public hearing, the public hearing will be scheduled. Pursuant to the Town Code Section 265-6 –i for Subdivision and Section 307-72 for Site Plans, legal notice MUST follow the steps outlined below:

  • The Town will:

Provide the public hearing notice for mailing by the applicant.

The Town places the meeting agenda on its website and advertises the public hearing in the Town’s designated newspaper pursuant to New York State Open Meetings Law.

Signs for posting the property are made available to the applicant to be picked up from the Department of Planning and Community Development.

The Town will notify adjacent municipalities as per New York State and Westchester County law.  

  • The Applicant is required to:

Post the subject property with the signs available for pick up at the Department of Planning and Community Development at Town Hall. Signs must be posted on site a minimum of twenty (20) days before the Planning Board meeting.

PROVIDE AN AFFIDAVIT OF SIGN POSTING to be signed and returned to the Planning Department along with a photograph of the sign posted on the property prior to the Public Hearing date.

PROVIDE AN AFFIDAVIT OF MAILING confirming notification to abutting property owners including those across any street adjoining the proposed project to be mailed no later than 5 days prior to the meeting for subdivisions and 10 days for site plans. Town will provide applicants with public hearing notice to be mailed.

THE TOWN'S ONLINE WEBGIS SYSTEM allows easy abutter download to Excel. See VIDEO LINK for instructions on how to utilize the Cortlandt WebGIS system for abbuters.  Incomplete notification to area residents may require the PB to adjourn or requirement re-advertisement of the public hearing. Provide an affidavit mailing to be signed and returned to the Planning Department prior to the Planning Board Public Hearing date.


Decision of the Planning Board 

After the close of the Public Hearing as per NYS Town Law, the Planning Board is required to approve, disapprove or approve with modifications the project within 62 days. With mutual consent of the applicant, this 62 day time period may be extended to provide additional time.

The Planning Board will adopt a Resolution (either approving or denying) with conditions.  Applicant then works with Town Staff to comply with all Planning Board conditions of approval, resulting in a signed Subdivision or Site Plan Plat which is required prior to the issuance of any required permits from the Division of Code Administration and Enforcement and any other required agencies. 

Meetings Held at: Cortlandt Town Hall, 1 Heady Street, Cortlandt Manor, NY 


Mr. Chris Kehoe, AICP, Director, Department of Planning & Community Development
1 Heady St
Cortlandt Manor, NY 10567 
(914) 734-1080