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Town of Cortlandt, NY

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A Message from Supervisor Linda Puglisi: Charlottesville, Virginia

Release Date: August 15, 2017

A Message from Supervisor Linda Puglisi


“We on the Town Board condemn the tragic actions that occurred in Charlottesville, VA this past Saturday, 8/12/17 that caused one young woman and two state helicopter troopers to lose their lives.  It’s very difficult to believe this tragedy could occur in the year 2017.  We need to rid hatred, bigotry and violence in our society once and for all.


We are fortunate in our Cortlandt community that we have very compassionate individuals who work together, pray together and live side by side reaching out their hands to help others.  This is what’s needed throughout our nation.  We are hopeful that Charlottesville, VA will heal and that the lives lost will not be in vain.”