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Town of Cortlandt, NY

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Indian Point

Release Date: September 22, 2017

Indian Point Closure



~ By Supervisor Linda Puglisi ~


  1. The Town of Cortlandt will retain an Economic Development Consultant to work with Town staff and Supervisor to: Review possible locations for new economic growth throughout the town that will offset loss of revenue when the Indian Point’s two nuclear plants close (2020/2021)


  1. Work with the New York State Empire Development Agency to also assist with new commercial/corporate/industrial growth and assist with finding us grants for future infrastructure for this development.


  1. To continue working with the local and New York State task forces.  We have defined our challenges since the announcement in January 2017 (loss of revenue $32 million in total, loss of jobs up to 2,000. including contractor jobs) radioactive spent fuel rods storage, environmental clean-up, decommissioning of the plants and re-use of the 240 acres.


  1. New York State is retaining a consultant through NYSERDA to address all of the above issues and file a report by April 2018.  We will be working with the State and their consultant that will be announced at the State task force meeting on September 28, 2017 at Cortlandt Town Hall.


  1. Implementation of all consultant’s recommendations.


  1. Lobby Entergy for a new PILOT for tax stabilization once the plants close since they will still own the structures, the rods and the land.


  1. Lobby New York State and the Federal Government for assistance for those losing their jobs once Indian Point closes and to insist on retraining.


  1. Once decommissioning begins insist that the many local skilled workers currently at Indian Point be hired for this process.


  1. Work to have the dry cask storage units (of the radioactive spent fuel rods) be allowed to be assessed and taxed by the town for additional revenue.


  1. Request that the Town be allowed to utilize funds set aside by Entergy and/or New York State for economic and infrastructure needs to offset the closure of our largest taxpayer and employer, Entergy (Indian Point).


  1. Continue to speak with other communities going through a similar situation of having a nuclear plant close or have had nuclear plants closed in past years. This communication is helpful inorder to let us know what occurs during a decommissioning process.


  1. Continue to speak with the NRC, DOE and federal public officials to seek their assistance and to receive important information on the closure process. (The NRC will be present at our October 19, 2017 local task force meeting.


“We will continue to work with our partners in the Hendrick Hudson School District, Village of Buchanan and all others in the community to address these challenges we face with the closure of Indian Point.” 


Linda D. Puglisi