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Town of Cortlandt, NY

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3/5/2018, Storm Response 14:30 update:

Release Date: March 05, 2018
Storm Update

Monday 3/5/2018, Storm Response 14:30 update:
Town work crews are continuing to clear and opening roads and remove debris. Any downed trees with wires require Con Edison to clear wires before Town crews can remove debris and all locations have been reported to Con Edison. As of 6:00 this evening, there are 2,500 customers in Cortlandt without power. Con Edison is currently reporting a global power restoration time for the Town (95% with power) of Tomorrow at 11:00 pm. The following 46 roads are currently closed or partially closed. All of these roads require Con Edison action before they can be cleared by the Town. We currently have one Con Edison cut and clear crews working in the Town to open roadways and they will be working alongside DES staff to continue opening roads overnight. We are pressing Con Edison to provide more crews ASAP.
The emergency shelter is open at the Muriel Morabito Community Center at 29 Westbrook Drive. We urge residents to report all downed wires and power outages by contacting Con Edison at 1-800-75CONED. Please visit the Town website for additional updates. Thank you and be safe.
Garbage collection will continue as scheduled tomorrow.
Con Edison has opened a dry ice distribution center at the K-Mart shopping center located at 355 Downing Drive in Yorktown Heights. Hours of operation are 10:30 am to 6:00 pm.
Lexington Avenue by Tear Drop to John St
104 Putnam Road
96 Putnam Road
#12 Mount airy Road East
92 Mt. Airy Road East
175 Colabaugh Pond Road
137 Colabaugh Pond Road intersection Wooddale
17 Wooddale Avenue
10 Woodlake Drive (Colabaugh Pond Rd & Woodlake)
9 Pond Road & McGregor Lane
10 McGregor Lane
40 McGregor Lane
10 Forest Lane
113 Paulding Lane
158 Teatown Road - 3 pole #49
16 Teatown Road - 3 pole #7
2 Teatown Road - 3 pole <span blockkey="6nhu2" class="_5zk7" contentstate="q { " entitymap":="" undefined,="" "blockmap":="" orderedmap="" {="" "btaat":="" s="" "key":="" "btaat",="" "type":="" "unstyled",="" "text":="" "sunday="" 3="" 5="" 2018,="" storm="" response="" 14:30="" update:",="" "characterlist":="" list="" [="" p="" "style":="" orderedset="" {},="" "entity":="" null="" },="" }="" ],="" "depth":="" 0,="" "data":="" map="" {}="" "41mlb":="" "41mlb",="" "",="" [],="" "ceie1":="" "ceie1",="" "town="" work="" crews="" are="" continuing="" to="" clear="" and="" opening="" roads="" remove="" debris.="" any="" downed="" trees="" with="" wires="" require="" con="" edison="" before="" town="" can="" debris="" all="" locations="" have="" been="" reported="" edison.="" as="" of="" 6:00="" this="" evening,="" there="" 2,500="" customers="" in="" cortlandt="" without="" power.="" is="" currently="" reporting="" a="" global="" power="" restoration="" time="" for="" the="" (95%="" power)="" tomorrow="" at="" 11:00="" pm.="" following="" 46="" closed="" or="" partially="" closed.="" these="" action="" they="" be="" cleared="" by="" town.="" we="" one="" cut="" working="" open="" roadways="" will="" alongside="" des="" staff="" continue="" overnight.="" pressing="" provide="" more="" asap.",="" "75ndu":="" "75ndu",="" "29elv":="" "29elv",="" "the="" emergency="" shelter="" muriel="" morabito="" community="" center="" 29="" westbrook="" drive.="" urge="" residents="" report="" outages="" contacting="" 1-800-75coned.="" please="" visit="" website="" additional="" updates.="" thank="" you="" safe.",="" "d85ik":="" "d85ik",="" "9g1gk":="" "9g1gk",="" "garbage="" collection="" scheduled="" tomorrow.",="" "neq5":="" "neq5",="" "84bjr":="" "84bjr",="" "con="" has="" opened="" dry="" ice="" distribution="" k-mart="" shopping="" located="" 355="" downing="" drive="" yorktown="" heights.="" hours="" operation="" 10:30="" am="" pm.",="" "ctadr":="" "ctadr",="" "="" ",="" "dblqq":="" "dblqq",="" "lexington="" avenue="" tear="" drop="" john="" st",="" "8mbl":="" "8mbl",="" "104="" putnam="" road",="" "7guqn":="" "7guqn",="" "96="" "9gr0j":="" "9gr0j",="" "#12="" mount="" airy="" road="" east",="" "fusf9":="" "fusf9",="" "92="" mt.="" "cbh17":="" "cbh17",="" "175="" colabaugh="" pond="" "7gpbl":="" "7gpbl",="" "137="" intersection="" wooddale",="" "9nuk4":="" "9nuk4",="" "17="" wooddale="" avenue",="" "ce98o":="" "ce98o",="" "10="" woodlake="" (colabaugh="" rd="" &="" woodlake)",="" "8qsb6":="" "8qsb6",="" "9="" mcgregor="" lane",="" "530uf":="" "530uf",="" "9cscr":="" "9cscr",="" "40="" "5buku":="" "5buku",="" forest="" lane="" "4pkjr":="" "4pkjr",="" "113="" paulding="" "9il4c":="" "9il4c",="" "3hckn":="" "3hckn",="" "158="" teatown="" -="" pole="" #49",="" "a1v1h":="" "a1v1h",="" "16="" #7",="" "6nhu2":="" "6nhu2",="" "2="" #w3",="" "9ie16":="" "9ie16",="" "99="" quaker="" bridge="" #42",="" "1ik9u":="" "1ik9u",="" "2125="" ridge="" "724a4":="" "724a4",="" "1101="" east="" w6",="" "866b6":="" "866b6",="" croton="" dam="" "c18ko":="" "c18ko",="" applebee="" farm="" 1="" 4="" mile="" from="" rd",="" "9akvd":="" "9akvd",="" "98="" jack="" valerie="" "alpcp":="" "alpcp",="" "33="" jean="" drive",="" "cmlef":="" "cmlef",="" "18="" no.="" 3rd="" street",="" "6crsc":="" "6crsc",="" "34="" north="" 1st="" street="" "78dmq":="" "78dmq",="" "23="" 2nd="" "edgk4":="" "edgk4",="" "21="" n.="" 4th="" bluestone",="" "7fk8c":="" "7fk8c",="" (near="" bluestone)",="" "cnt9f":="" "cnt9f",="" cedar="" knoll="" "9pp0l":="" "9pp0l",="" "176="" red="" mill="" between="" stonefield="" ct",="" "fjl1k":="" "fjl1k",="" hood="" place",="" "1oaog":="" "1oaog",="" "44="" 49="" south="" hill="" "b9rd0":="" "b9rd0",="" arthur="" off="" hill",="" "9ufca":="" "9ufca",="" "7="" "34nn5":="" "34nn5",="" "5="" cynthia="" laurie="" westbrook",="" "4bc2o":="" "4bc2o",="" birch="" "85tdc":="" "85tdc",="" "3rfcf":="" "3rfcf",="" "28="" fawn="" dr.",="" "cvbtl":="" "cvbtl",="" "31="" brook="" "1scfs":="" "1scfs",="" "24="" "4l9hg":="" "4l9hg",="" "19="" old="" locust="" "efsq7":="" "efsq7",="" "4="" ann="" steet="" waterbury",="" "1jeg3":="" "1jeg3",="" "57="" furnace="" dock="" "92sup":="" "92sup",="" milano="" court="" laurel="" "pprr":="" "pprr",="" "93="" angela="" dr",="" "8pqss":="" "8pqss",="" "ftked":="" "ftked",="" "selectionbefore":="" m="" "anchorkey":="" "anchoroffset":="" "focuskey":="" "focusoffset":="" "isbackward":="" false,="" "hasfocus":="" true="" "selectionafter":="" }"="" data-offset-key="6nhu2-1-0" decoratedtext="#W3" end="28" offsetkey="6nhu2-1-0" spellcheck="false" start="25" style="background-color: rgba(88, 144, 255, 0.15); border-bottom: 1px solid rgba(88, 144, 255, 0.3); font-family: inherit;">#W3
99 Quaker Bridge Road Pole #42
2125 Quaker Ridge Road
1101 Quaker Bridge Road East Pole W6
10 Croton Dam Road
16 Applebee Farm Rd - 1/4 mile from Quaker Ridge Rd
98 Jack Road & Valerie Lane
33 Jean Drive
18 No. 3rd Street
34 North 1st Street
23 North 2nd Street
21 N. 4th Street & Bluestone
21 No. 2nd Street (Near Bluestone)
10 Cedar Knoll Lane
176 Red Mill Road between Stonefield & Mill Ct
17 Hood Place
44/49 South Hill Road
9 Arthur Street off South Hill
7 Arthur Street
5 Cynthia Road/Laurie off Westbrook
2 Birch Lane
10 Birch Lane
28 Fawn Ridge Dr.
31 Brook Lane
24 Brook Lane
19 Old Locust Avenue
4 Ann Steet - Waterbury
57 Furnace Dock Road
2 Milano Court off Laurel Hill
93 Laurel Hill Rd/ Angela Dr