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Town of Cortlandt, NY

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Supervisor Puglisi's Storm Message

Release Date: March 09, 2018

Message from Supervisor Linda Puglisi


RE:  Storms


This morning I went to the County Executive’s press conference regarding the slow response by Con Edison to restore power. 

There were approximated 40 elected officials from throughout the County at various levels of government joining George Latimer in his call that the top senior managers of Con Edison resign due to their ongoing negligence and lack of preparedness during these major storms.

What we’ve experienced in our community is the same throughout the County.  Every municipality has the same situations as we’ve experienced:  lack of correct information, delayed responses, not enough crews deployed and confusing messages about when power will be restored, etc.

I have been calling for Con Edison to be broken up because it’s a conglomerate and a monopoly.  It is too large, spread throughout the region not just in Westchester County. 

So, we are all asking that the New York State Public Service Commission hold public hearings in our area so that we can all voice our frustration, concerns, issues and criticism of Con Edison and demanding that the next time will be a better response time for us all!


Linda Puglisi

Town Supervisor