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Town of Cortlandt, NY

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An Important Message on Indian Point

Release Date: April 04, 2018
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Our continual and persistent lobbying to the state officials (Governor Cuomo, State Senator Murphy and State Assemblywoman Galef) has been successful.  The 2018 NY State budget will include an additional $24 million into the State's Cessation Fund.  A big achievement for us all.  This fund can only be used by communities in NYS that have closed power plants.

The total amount in this fund will now be $56 million and hopefully each year the State will add to this important fund so when our two nuclear plants close in 2020/2021 there will be more funds for us to tap into to help to some degree to offset our loss of revenue ($32 million collectively each year).

We know these funds will never cover the entire amount of lost revenue; however, anything will help. (click link above to view the press release from the State).