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Town of Cortlandt, NY

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Linda Puglisi serves on the following boards, not-for-profits, governmental groups and committees:

Release Date: October 03, 2019

  • Town Supervisor – (28 years),  CFO of town government (an elected position every two years)


  • Northern Westchester Joint Water Works (NWJWW) – (19 years), charter member, executive committee member, past chairperson


  • Advanced Life Support (ALS) – (15 years), executive committee member, charter member


  • Historic Hudson River Towns (HHRT) – (15 years), Vice-chair, charter member


  • East of Hudson (EOH) – (15 years), board member, charter member


  • Indian Point local and state task force, Co-chair


  • Indian Point PANEL on decommissioning, Vice-chairperson


  • Westchester Municipal Officials Association (28 years), member


  • Supervisor’s Association - (28 years), member


  • Aaron Copland House - (28 years), Ex-officio member, charter member


  • Serves on many other committees and as Ex-officio members of others (i.e. Chamber of Commerce)