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Town of Cortlandt, NY

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Press Release - Town of Cortlandt Upgraded Bond Rating

Release Date: October 10, 2019



Linda D. Puglisi, Town of Cortlandt

(914) 734-1002, Fax (914) 734-1003

For Immediate Release

October 10, 2019


Town of Cortlandt’s Recent Upgrade to a Aa1 Bond Rating

We are pleased to announce that the Town of Cortlandt was recently upgraded by Moody’s Inc. from an Aa2 to a Aa1 for our bond rating. “The rating additionally incorporates the town’s strong financial position and low and manageable debt and pension burdens” states this regulatory company.

We received this very important upgrade due to our excellent financials and also for our preparation and planning of Indian Point’s closure in the next two years.  These nuclear plants have been our largest taxpayer and employer over past decades and the announcement to close has left us with many challenges to meet.

It is exciting to be recognized for our hard work and efforts.  We will continue to meet all challenges and make plans to offset these revenue losses.

I thank our Town Board, Comptroller Patty Robcke and our entire government team.


                                                                                                            -Supervisor Town of Cortlandt

                                                                                                                          Linda D Puglisi