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Town of Cortlandt, NY

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Budding Artist: Lucas Aiden Lebowitz

Release Date: March 15, 2023

Continuing the celebration of the local student artists, grades: K-12, from Budding Artists, currently on view at Town Hall through May 4th. Today’s featured artist is Lucas Aiden Lebowitz.

Lucas Aiden’s works are dense fields of marks and primarily intimate in scale. They invite the viewer to step close for contemplation and examination. Their density relies on the audience’s curiosity to search for the small moments or passages of marks that are a delight to take in. This process is similar to a gardener surveying their beds, searching and delighting in the evidence of Spring’s new growth.

Lucas is 3rd grade in BV and has been doing art since 2020. He believes that "Every child is an artist!" – Celeste Leibowitz

Pour Paint - Stars

Pour paint, acrylic paint, and silver stars cutouts on canvas
5 x 7 inches

Pour Paint

Pour paint and acrylic paint on canvas
5 x 7 inches


Spring Wheel

Colored pencil and oil pastel on paper
10 x 8 inches