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Town of Cortlandt, NY

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Towards Abstraction: Megan Dyer

Release Date: June 06, 2023

The first featured artist of this week from Towards Abstraction, the exhibition now on view at Town Hall is Megan Dyer. Megan’s works exist as pure abstraction. The viewer, at first glance, has only Megan’s formal decisions- line placement, color, and forms to decode the work. Delving into her process and the concepts at the heart the works reveals that her works are intricate portraits of individuals. In this work, Megan has developed a system that allows the viewer to move beyond appearance to decode and represent the essence of a life- the events, actions, and relationships that define us as individuals.

“My work seeks to find commonality between people and nature, specifically using water as the substance that synthesizes the imagery and conceptual premise.” - Megan Dyer

To inquire about these works or view others by Megan Dyer, please check out Megan’s website: 

May be art of map and text that says 'Wild Rice, Lake Lake (Winonah La Duk) LAKE: loyalty, communication, completeness Pigmented water and graphite on paper, graphite lines continue onto the walls, 5'5"'