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Town of Cortlandt, NY

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Towards Abstraction Artist: Roseanne Spano Swider

Release Date: July 13, 2023

The second of this week’s featured artists from the exhibition, Towards Abstraction, on view at Town Hall through August 3rd is Roseanne Spano Swider. Roseanne’s work with the use of photos and texts provides the viewer with clearly defined entry points to understanding and decoding her work. This clarity is short lived as she pivots to gestural marks and densely layer collage elements evoking the chaotic atmosphere of “the field” that a solider may face in battle. Roseanne’s composition presents the viewer with an abstracted or impressionistic view of reality that seeks to provide concrete elements and to render complex emotions together in a visual field.

“I have called upon my fine arts, textile, and photography background to focus on mix media abstract collage. I am inspired by images from old magazines, advertising and photos combined with paint, homemade papers, applied textures, words, colors and shapes. Some of my themes include war, black lives matter, women, retro glamour, and children.” - Roseanne Spano Swider

To inquire about this work or to see others by Roseanne Spano Swider, please visit her website:

"In the Field"

Acrylic paint, gelli prints, and photos on canvas
Triptych: 20 x 48 inches