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Town of Cortlandt, NY

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Exuberant Joy Artist of the Week: Lucas Aiden Lebowitz

Release Date: February 14, 2024

Recently opened, the 2nd Annual Student Exhibition at Town Hall Exuberant Joy celebrates joy in all its forms.  Lucas Aiden Lebowitz’s Happy Snowman reproduces an iconic pop culture figure with glee and speed. Eager to depict his snowman, Lucas Aiden provides viewers with just enough information to read the landscape of the painting’s background and then he enthusiastically begins work on his figure. His excitement is such that waiting for paint to dry is impossible. Yet, he carefully renders the details of the snowman’s face to ensure that we the audience cannot mistake his figure as just a snowman. Delightfully, one can imagine this was the expression on many faces with yesterday’s snowfall.

Lucas Aiden has been painting since he was 6 years old. Studying at home during COVID-19 allowed him to expand his potential in painting and other forms of art. Lucas is currently in 4th grade in FWS and has been doing art since 2020. He believes that, “Every child is an artist!”. – Celeste Lebowitz

Exuberant Joy is on view at Town Hall now through May 2, 2024. To inquire about this exhibition or other exhibition opportunities, please email Eren Johnson at

Happy Snowman             


Acrylic on canvas

10 x 8 inches     

The Bright Ocean             


Pour paint and stickers on canvas

5 x 7 inches