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Town of Cortlandt, NY

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New York Real Estate Journal's Town of the Month: Cortlandt, New York

Release Date: May 01, 2024

Town of the Month: Cortlandt, New York...Where <br>life works at home, work and play : NYREJ

Cortlandt, NY How many developers, businesses and commercial Realtors located in southern Westchester and New York City are aware of a hidden gem nestled along the Hudson River, less than an hour train ride from midtown? Probably not many. So now is the time to visit and learn more about this gem: the town of Cortlandt.

Cortlandt is where life works at home, work and play — and it is prime for investment. Commercial space is often available with twice the space at half the cost. A willing, educated and diverse workforce is nearby. Cortlandt possesses a lifestyle second to none. With an average household income of $119,000 and an average age of 41.7 years, Cortlandt is a ripe market for all types of goods and services.

Cortlandt completed an award-winning sustainable master plan focused on economic development that emphasized future trends of employment. Strategic areas for economic growth were targeted: A transit-oriented district centered around one of Cortlandt’s two Metro North stations; a medical-oriented district around New York - Presbyterian Hudson Valley Hospital; Cortlandt Blvd., a major corridor that carries 18,000 cars per day pass numerous retail, office and service businesses; and the waterfront sustainability district offering multiple opportunities to create a recreational/cultural presence. Each district has a strategic magnet, yet plenty of opportunity in surrounding undeveloped or underdeveloped properties – some owned by the town which is seeking public/private partnerships.

Town supervisor Richard Becker is fully committed to making sure Cortlandt is where life works for your business. Since taking office in January 2022, he has instituted improvements to the permit process and made several zoning changes to promote economic activity. The town recently streamlined the planning board process by employing an outside consultant. Recent zoning code amendments provide a broader interpretation, allowing the conversion of an existing building to a different use with only a building permit. Supervisor Becker’s open-door policy welcomes entrepreneurs, small business and commercial developers.

A prime consideration is the town’s fiscal integrity and commitment to economic growth. Over the past 32 years, Cortlandt has tripled its reserve fund and maintained low property taxes. Over $160 million is committed to capital projects to enhance infrastructure.

Cortlandt encompasses 40 square miles, 15 miles of riverfront, over 40 recreational sites, a major shopping corridor, targeted enclaves of small businesses and friendly residential neighborhoods. It is a 35-minute drive to two commercial airports, has two Metro North stations, an Amtrak station and major highways.

Cortlandt truly is where life works. What works for you? Let Cortlandt know and our team will turn your vision into reality. We want your business here.

For information contact George Oros, Cortlandt economic development coordinator at (914) 522-6774; email