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Town of Cortlandt, NY

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Latest News

Artists Choose Artists Exhibition: Maxine Young and Arlene Tift

Release Date: June 14, 2024

Now on view at Town Hall the exhibition Cortlandt Artists Choose Artists explores the influence of an artist’s network on their studio practice. Often a shared subject matter brings artists together as it has with Cortlandt artists, Maxine Young and Arlene Tift.

“I have been taking nature photographs since I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Africa in the 1970's.  Living in the Hudson Valley has given me the opportunity to photograph many beautiful birds and to meet amazing artists.  One of those is my good friend, Arlene Tift, who hooks beautiful rugs, many of them with birds.  I was lucky enough to have her choose one of my photos as her inspiration.  Many of her birds inspire me.” – Maxine Young

“I am a painterly rug hooker who loves to collaborate with photographers. I interpret their photos in a personal way with wool yarn and strips on a linen backing. To date I have hooked 22 pieces with permission from these talented people. Maxine and I are "Birds of a Feather." We connected because of our mutual love of nature and birds. Maxine kindly allowed me to hook her Heron at Oscawana in Fall because I loved it. Her photography is always inspiring, and this heron lived just down the road from me and very meaningful to both of us.” – Arlene Tift

Cortlandt Artists Choose Artists runs through August 1, 2024. To inquire about this or other exhibition opportunities, please email Eren Johnson at