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Town of Cortlandt, NY

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

Department: Code Enforcement (Building) Division

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  • Code Enforcement General
    • What Zoning District is my property located in?

      Contact Code Enforcement at (914)734-1010, to find out what a property is zoned.

    • What does not require a permit?

      Note: Work that does not require a Permit is still required to comply with the Town Code and NYS Codes as applicable. Please call the Code Enforcement Division to verify requirements.


      Building Permits and subsequent Certificates of Occupancy are not required for:


      Storage sheds and other accessory structures less than 100 square feet in floor area and not permanently affixed to the ground;

      (Accessory structures are required to comply with required setbacks and maximum allowable area see Town Zoning Code Chapter 307 and Table of Dimensional Regulations.)


      Re-siding a building in which no sheathing is not removed or replaced;


      Replacing Roof Shingles in which sheathing is not removed or replaced;


      Solid fuel burning devices installed prior to January 1, 1984          


      Patios on grade

    • How do I apply for a Variance from the Zoning Ordinance?

      The Zoning Board of Appeals grants relief, a variance, from the Zoning Ordinance.  Applications to the Zoning Board of Appeals are obtained from and filed with the Code Enforcement Division.  

      You are encouraged to contact Martin Rogers at 914-734-1010 for any questions regarding an application before the Zoning Board of Appeals.  Martin Rogers can also be reached via email at

    • How do I obtain a plan of my septic system?

      The Town of Cortlandt does not have any information on file for septic systems.  The Westchester County Health Department, (link to (914) 813-5000, has records of septic systems.  When you call the Health Department they may ask for the year the house was constructed and Tax Map Number (Section, block, and lot).  You can obtain this information from the Town of Cortlandt Tax Assessor, (914) 734-1040, although for homes constructed prior to our records the construction date may not be available.

    • How do I obtain my Section, Block and Lot numbers?

      To obtain a Section, Block and Lot Number, call the Code Enforcement Office, (914) 734-1010.  You will need the property address or owner's name.

    • Where can I get a copy of the Town Code, Zoning Code, or Ordinances?

      The Town Code, Zoning Ordinance, and other Ordinances can be purchased at the Town Clerk’s Office. (914-734-1020)

      The Town Code can also be viewed on our website by clicking on "Town Code" on the left hand navigation bar.

    • Who do I call regarding trees in the street right-of-way?

      The Highway Division, (914) 734-0047, will determine if a tree is in the street right-of-way and they also maintain these trees.  

    • Where can I get FEMA, floodplain information?

      The Engineering Division provides local administration of the National Flood Insurance Program.   (FEMA/Engineering link to Engineering page section)

    • Where can I get a copy of the Zoning Map?

      Copies of Zoning Maps are available for $25.00 at the Town Clerk’s Office at Town Hall.

    • Where can I get Topographic Maps for the Town of Cortlandt?

      Topographic Maps are located in the DOTS: Engineering Division. You can contact them at 734-1060 or you can click on the website on the left hand navigation bar under "Departments" - "Engineering Division".

    • Where do I get information on Permitted Uses and area requirements for my property?

      Code Enforcement administers the Zoning Ordinance that designates permitted land uses and area requirements for construction.

    • What do I do to license my dog?

      The Town Clerk issues licenses for dogs.  You must bring proof of immunization and pay the required fees.  Dogs must be licensed every year.

    • Are pets prohibited in areas of the Town?

      Dogs are not allowed upon school grounds of any school within the Town of Cortlandt during the time of year when schools are open and between one hour prior to commencement of the school day and one hour after the end of the school day or upon a playground within said Town of Cortlandt at any hour during the time of year when playground activities are conducted.