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Town of Cortlandt, NY

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

Department: Sanitation Division

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  • Refuse Collection
    • How do I dispose of paint?

      Apply kitty litter or other absorbent material to dry the paint. Dispose of dried paint in can with lid off into regular refuse.  Pour paint onto/or spread out newspaper, let air dry, dispose of newspaper and can with lid off.

    • How do I dispose of a freezer, dehumidifier, refrigerator, air-conditioner, or other appliance with Freon?

      Freon items require a special pick up.  You can stop by our office and pay the $10.00 fee (cash/check) or mail us a check to Sanitation Division, 167 Roa Hook Road, Cortlandt Manor, NY 10567.  We will mail you a sticker to place on the item.  Please remove refrigerator/freezer doors for curbside pick up.

    • How do I dispose of a TV, VCR, computer monitor and other CRT (cathode ray tube) appliances?

      These items should not be disposed of with the regular trash.  Westchester County provides an E-waste drop off for all electronics Monday – Friday 8:00am – 3:00pm at Buchanan DPW located at 218 Westchester Avenue.  Best Buy will also accept most electronics free of charge.  The Sanitation Division changes $10.00 for a TV pick up and $5.00 for each electronic item (up to 2 items per household).

    • Why was my large can (greater than 45 gallons or 70 lbs.) not picked up?

      Town Code requires that all residents garbage/recycling cans cannot exceed 45 gallons or 70 lbs.  Oversized cans pose an injury hazard to men lifting larger containers.  These contains are designed for an automated service truck which the Town does not use.

    • How does the collection schedule change on a Holiday week?

      The collection service would be canceled on the Holiday and other services moved AHEAD one day.  Bulk pick ups are canceled on Holiday weeks. 

      Example of a Monday Holiday – Mondays pick up would be on Tuesday, Tuesdays pick up would be on Wednesday, paper on Thursday and commingle on Friday.  Please call our office with any questions at 914-737-0100.

    • Where does the household refuse/garbage go?

      There is no landfill. The refuse is transported for incineration (garbage to energy), plant, RESCO, on Charles Point Blvd. in Peekskill.

    • Where do the recyclable products go?

      They are transported to a Westchester County operated Transfer Station on Roa Hook Road. The city then transports these to processing markets.  (Effective 2002)

    • Why does the Town not pick up grass clippings?

      Grass and all other organic yard wastes have been identified by NYS DEC as recyclable and can not go to incineration.  Leave on lawn, or backyard composting is recommended.

    • How do I dispose of branches from trees?

      Call DES Sanitation Division at 914-737-0100 to schedule a chipper truck service.  Branches cannot exceed 10 feet or 6 inches in diameter.  If you have trees taken down by a contractor they must take away the debris.  You can use larger tree branches/logs for firewood.  

    • How do I dispose of home re-modeling building materials and demolition debris?

      Have the contractor remove and dispose the items.  The Town DOES NOT take construction debris.  Check the phone book/web for local hauling/carting companies.  


    • How dangerous is the job of Sanitation Laborer?

      Very, national statistics show this occupation to be hazardous.

    • Why is it BAD to place chemicals, liquids, etc. into trash?

      Combustible material mix and are hazardous to workers on truck. 
      Fire hazard. 
      Hazardous fumes being inhaled by workers. 
      Liquids sprayed onto workers by truck crushing load. 
      Environmental hazards.

    • What safety equipment is supplied on each truck?

      Each truck is equipped and inspected to NY State DMV requirements, in addition each truck is equipped with a back-up video camera and cab monitor.

    • What is a household chemical clean up day?

      Westchester County Household Material Recovery Facility (H-MRF) is open year-round for drop-off of these items.  Call 914-813-5425 for more information. 

    • I am moving and have unused household chemicals to dispose, what do I do?

      These items can be disposed of at the Westchester County Household Material Recovery Facility (H-MRF) in Valhalla. Call 914-813-5425 for more information.

    • I have tires with and without metal rims, what do I do?

      Tires require a special pick up.  Tires without metal rims are $5.00 each and with rims $10.00 each.  You can stop by our office and pay the fee (cash/check) or mail us a check to Sanitation Division, 167 Roa Hook Road, Cortlandt Manor, NY 10567.  We will mail you a sticker to place on the tire.

    • I am moving and missed my Friday bulk pick-up, what do I do?

      A special bulk pick-up can be arranged for a $30.00 fee and follow the same guidelines as our regular bulk pick up.  You can stop by our office and pay the $30.00 fee (cash/check) or mail us a check to Sanitation Division, 167 Roa Hook Road, Cortlandt Manor, NY 10567.  Please call with any questions at 914-737-0100.

    • What do I do with leaves?

      Place curbside in paper/biodegradable bags, which will be picked up according to schedule. If you need a pickup other than the scheduled pickup call Sanitation at 914-737-0100 to schedule a pickup.

    • Does the Town provide litter patrol?

      Yes, there are work crews that are periodically assigned on Town roads.

    • What is Sharp Smarts?

      Many people use sharps (needles, syringes and lancets) as part of their home medical care. 
      Proper disposal of sharps is important to the safety of the sharps user and to workers who handle trash.

      Use a container that is: leakproof, shatterproof, and puncture proof with a screw top. (Good choices are durable plastic bottles, bleach and detergent bottles.)

      Bad choices are: glass and aluminum containers, metal cans with flimsy lids and cardboard container.

      Place lancets or needle and syringe in the container IMMEDIATELY after using. 
          · DO NOT recap, bend needles or break lancets. 
          · SECURE the top on the container. 
          · Label the container "SHARPS". 
          · DO NOT label it "Medical Waste," or "BIOHAZARD," etc. 
          · When the home container is full, make sure the top is screwed on securely, then apply tape around
            the top and the neck of the container.  NEVER PUT SHARP CONTAINERS IN WITH RECYCLABLES.

    • How are dead animals removed and disposed?

      Contact DES at 914-737-0047 to remove dead animals from Town roadways. We do not pick up animals on private property, that is the property owner's responsibility.  


    • Are plastic bags acceptable for collection of Thursday recyclables?

      If you save your glass, metal, plastic containers in plastic bags, dump the recyclables out of the bags and into the bin/container on collection day.  You can reuse bags or bring them to a local store that accepts them (supermarket or department stores).

    • What is an “OOPS” sticker?

      An “oops” sticker is a reminder program that points out to the resident that there is some reason for items not being picked up.  Examples: recyclables mixed with garbage or leaves in plastic bags.

    • Does the Town provide recycling bins?

      Yes they are $8.00 each. Bins can be purchased at Sanitation Division located at 167 Roa Hook Road.

    • I am a new resident, what should I do to start residential solid waste curbside collection?

      Call our office 914-737-0100 to request a printed guide to Recycling and Solid Waste Disposal Services.