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Town of Cortlandt, NY

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  • Downloadable Forms

Department: Water & Sewer Division

All forms require Adobe Reader 
Water & Sewer Division
  • Sewer Forms
      This is the location for all Sewer forms including application, specification details and pavement replacement detail. NOTE: No work will be authorized to commence UNTIL an application has been made to our DES-Highway Division for a "Road Opening Permit". The approved "Road Opening Permit" MUST accompany any sewer application.
    • Sewer Application Form
      Use this form when applying for Sewer Service for RESIDENTIAL and COMMERCIAL uses. The following forms must also be printed with this form: A. Sewer Information Sheet - Page 1 B. Sewer Information Sheet - Page 2 C. Sewer Service Connection Detail D. Sewer Service Trench Detail E. Sewer Service Cleanout Detail F. Pavement Replacement Detail
    • Sewer Pavement Restoration Detail
      This drawing shows the requirements for pavement restoration after sewer service has been installed. IMPORTANT: Applicants MUST provide a copy of the Town of Cortlandt DES - Highway Division approved "Road Opening Permit" before any work to restore pavement can commence.
    • Sewer Service Cleanout Detail
      Drawing showing sewer service cleanout detail. PLEASE NOTE: Only specicified GPK fittings will be accepted - no substitutes. Please print this form with sewer service application form. Questions - contact Steve Ferreira at 734-1026.
    • Sewer Service Connection Detail
      Sewer connection detail drawing. Please print out with Sewer Service application form. Questions - contact Steve Ferreira at 734-1026.
    • Sewer Service Trench Detail
      Drawing showing sewer service trench detail. Please print this out with sewer service application. Questions - contact Steve Ferreira at 734-1026.
  • Water Forms
      All forms for Water Service, Water Main Extensions and associated informational data. Please NOTE: An applicant MAY BE required to first obtain a "Road Opening Permit" from DES-Highway. Please contact Steve Ferreira at 734-1026 for more information.
    • Application for Residential Water Service
      Use this application when applying for RESIDENTIAL water service. Application must be submitted to Town of Cortlandt Dept. of Environmental Services - Water Division - 167 Roa Hook Road, Cortlandt Manor, NY. Fee MUST accompany application. Please NOTE: User must also print out "Water Tap Specifications". If your home is over 100 feet off the road, you will also need to print "Meter Pit Specifications". If you have questions, contact Steve Ferreira at 734-1026
    • Water Meter Pit Detail
      If your home is more than 100 feet off the Town road, then you must print this form to accompany the Water Service Application. Any questions, contact Steve Ferreira at 734-1026.
    • Water Tap Specifications
      This form MUST be printed with the Water Service Application form. Any Questions please contact Steve Ferreira at 734-1026.