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Town of Cortlandt, NY

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Meeting Schedules

Veteran’s Committee Meeting Minutes

February 26, 2004



Meeting called to order at 11:00a.m. 

Attendance:  37


Pledge of Allegiance



Discussion of the $1,000.00 donation from Wal-Mart to the Veteran’s Committee – it was discussed at last month’s meeting to have the plaque at the Mongero Park (plaque that has the names of area Veterans) polished and cleaned.  The Supervisor announced the Town of Cortlandt will pay for the cost of the polishing and cleaning.  The Committee also would like to make two donations of $200.00 each to the New York State Veteran’s Home in Montrose and to the FDR Hospital in Montrose.  The donations could be used to help with the cost of a holiday party, etc.  There was also some discussion regarding making a donation to family support groups that are being mobilized here in our area, as well as purchasing phone cards or care packages to be given to the service people. 


The Supervisor has approved the purchase of another display case for the uniforms that were removed due to overcrowding.  There are five uniforms in storage at this time. 


Memorial Day – Joe Cerreto will be the Honorary Guest Speaker for this year’s ceremony.  This year’s ceremony will be held at 12:30 p.m.  Supervisor Puglisi suggested a Press Release going out to the media inviting soldiers who have returned from active duty (Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.) to attend the ceremony.  We would be honored to have them attend so that we can thank them and recognize them for protecting America and our freedoms.  There was a moment of silence for Vince Boddie and Leroy Gimble both Veterans who served our country well at the end of our meeting.


Lt. Colonel (Councilman), Joe Cerreto will be leaving for Germany this week and will return in about a month.  The Supervisor will invite Joe Cerreto, John Dodson and Paul Bucha to attend a future meeting to discuss the status of the revitalization of several buildings and the pool at the VA in Montrose. 






The committee voted on having the June meeting at the Steamboat Dock Pavilion.  We will be having a luncheon for our final meeting before the summer begins.  Please visit our website at to view information regarding this committee as well as our town.  If you would like to have information posted on the website for the committee, please contact Denise Lowry at 734-1087. 


Denise will contact Congresswoman Sue Kelly to invite her to a future meeting to discuss the changes for Medicare. 


Enclosed for your amusement and pleasure is a joke that Russ Harrison read at the meeting.  Thank you and I look forward to seeing you all at our upcoming meetings. 






Linda D. Puglisi


Honorary Chairman Joe Cerreto

(Town Council Member)

Chairman Freemont Reif