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Town of Cortlandt, NY

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Supervisor's Report

Release Date: December 17, 2015

Supervisor’s Monthly Report
Comments from Town Board Meeting 12/15/15
  1. Welcome to our official Town Board meeting of 12/15/15.  Please rise for the pledge to the flag.
  2. Pearl Harbor Day was on December 7th.  It has been 74 years since we had that tragic attack and lost thousands of Americans.  We will never forget their great sacrifice for our Country.
  3. We’ve had many events this past month.  I’ll mention a few of them for you and I had the pleasure of attending all of them.  We have a great Town!
    1. The Van Cortlandtville Historical Society annual luncheon where Kasey Morabito from WHUD was the guest speaker.  She was terrific and the historical society (the Little Red Schoolhouse) will celebrate its 95th Anniversary next year.
    2. Our town recreation department had youth soccer awards and youth football awards where the young athletes receive their trophies.  It’s alot of fun and special thanks go out to our volunteer coaches and to our sponsors, as well as, to our Touchdown Club.
    3. Last month I demonstrated how our brand new Cortlandt app would work on your phones and I’m pleased to tell you that the Otocast/Cortlandt app with historical places is all set to be downloaded.  Enjoy!
    4. Two weeks ago we hosted a Cortlandt tree lighting and menorah lighting off Route 6/Cortlandt Blvd.  We had a wonderful celebration with local students singing carols.
    5. Santa Claus will once again be at our Youth Center down by the Cortlandt Train Station on Sunday December 20th from 2 to 4 P.M.  I dropped in last Sunday and it’s been transformed into a winter wonderland.  Thank you to our director and staff.
    6. The Cortlandt Manor Rotary Club chaired by Sharon Irving had a terrific pancake breakfast also with a visit from Santa Claus at the Town’s Community Center.  I had a great time and the pancakes were delicious.
    7. This is our last official Town Board meeting of 2015.  We’ve had a great year with many achievements.  They are all posted on our town’s website.  Please read them and share with us any ideas that you may have for our community.  We love to hear from you.  We’ll have another great year together in 2016.
    8. On November 14th we had a lovely dedication of Meahagh Park, which is a town park next to a town lake, Lake Meahagh.  It has an outdoor basketball court, a community garden, a rowing dock, a path for walking and jogging.  Also, we dedicated a tree in memory of Robert “Sinbad” Sinclair who worked in the town for many years and a bench in memory of a wonderful young man, Jeffery Keesler.
    9. I attended 3 fun-filled, delightful Senior Citizen holiday luncheons this month sponsored by our Clubs and our Senior Center.
  4. As I said, this month has been an important time for us – the Town of Cortlandt received the approval from the NYS PSC to purchase the 100 acres in Verplanck along the Hudson River from Con Ed.  We have many ideas and plans for this property.  You’ll hear about them as we proceed in 2016.
  5. And finally we want to remind our community that we all spent over two years opposing the Spectra/Algonquin gas line expansion project.  Unfortunately, F.E.R.C., who supersedes the local towns, approved this expansion on 3/3/15 and that is now the construction you see in the town.  However, Spectra will now give the town funds for crossing an easement in the soon to be town property in Verplanck ($2.8 million).  (Go to our website to view all of the meetings we attended in protest to the gas line).
  6. I wish everyone a very Happy Holiday, Happy Hanukah and a very Merry Christmas!                
Linda Puglisi