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Town of Cortlandt, NY

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A Message from Town Supervisor Linda Puglisi, 8/22/20

Release Date: August 22, 2020

A message from Town Supervisor Linda Puglisi

Hello this is Linda Puglisi and I wanted to reach out to all of our wonderful, resilient and courageous residents and families in our Town of Cortlandt.

Over the past six months we have gone through difficult and trying times together. A pandemic and a virus named COVID-19 and then a storm that equaled the devastation of a hurricane with one third of the town losing power for over a week and many more did not have the necessary internet services as a result of this serious storm. I too had no power for six days.

It’s a frustrating experience, as you know, compounded by the utility company’s top managers not preparing properly and not being proactive enough, in my opinion. They have not learned the lessons of the past severe weather storms and their aftermath. The needed crews are not sent in to all of the communities with serious damage, roads closed, wires down and power losses until days after the storm. I spent every day on the conference calls with these companies telling them they must do better, plan better and help us who rely on them for power. I will continue to have our voices heard at subsequent hearings, so that they hear us loud and clear.

We will write and petition those in Albany and in Washington to do their part to investigate and to find ways to improve this response for future storms, and we all know they will come.

As I have said to you throughout these challenges over the past six months our Cortlandt community comes together, helps each other, and meets these challenges directly. You all make me so proud to be your Town Supervisor.

Our town staff and crews did everything we could to help you during this storm and we always will.

We are blessed to live in our community and the sun will always shine on us and get us through these storms and challenges together. I love Cortlandt and all of you. Please continue to stay safe.


Thank you!