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Town of Cortlandt, NY

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Supervisor Linda D. Puglisi and Supervisor Muriel H. Morabito

Release Date: March 08, 2021

            In the 233 years of the Town of Cortlandt there have only been two women Town Supervisors.

            The first was the late Muriel H. Morabito (1976-1979) and the second and currently still serving is Linda D. Puglisi (1992-2021). Linda will be retiring this year after having the honor of being Cortlandt’s Town Supervisor for thirty years.

            In 1994, Supervisor Puglisi and the then Town Board named the Town’s Community/Senior Center after Supervisor Muriel H. Morabito. She and her administration had secured the funds to build the original Center. Years later in Supervisor Puglisi’s administration it was expanded to what it is today, a Senior and Community Center.

            A wonderful dedication ceremony took place on October 2, 1994 to pay tribute to the first woman Town Supervisor. Both Muriel H. Morabito and Linda D. Puglisi were photographed next to the plaque.