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Town of Cortlandt, NY

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"Mandatory" Water Restrictions

Release Date: July 16, 2021

This is the Town of Cortlandt with an important Message about your water service.

The Northern Westchester Joint Waterworks, the entity that supplies the Town of Cortlandt’s processed water, has issued necessary and mandatory water restrictions on behalf of its constituents.

These restrictions have been implemented due to mechanical issues that have reduced production at the Amawalk water treatment plant. What this means is that most of the processed water to the members of the Northern Westchester Joint water works will be coming from the plant known as the Catskill plant on Route 6 in Cortlandt Manor while repairs are being completed.

Mandatory water restrictions have been put into place as of July 12 and will remain in effect until October 12.

The following restrictions are in place for outdoor watering of lawns, shrubs, plants and gardens and shall remain in place until October 12,

All homes or businesses located at even-numbered addresses may water only on even-numbered days.

All homes or businesses located at odd-numbered addresses may water only on odd-numbered days.

  All homes and businesses located at addresses that are neither odd- nor even-numbered, such as numbers that end in a fraction or letter, shall follow the schedule for even numbered addresses.

  • This provision shall not apply to plant nurseries and other commercial water users engaged in the business of growing, distributing or selling plants, shrubs or trees, only with respect to the use of water on their business premises for watering such plants, shrubs or trees.
  • Swimming pools shall not be filled on weekends.
  • The use of water hoses for street cleaning is prohibited.

Although these water restrictions “do not” impact indoor domestic use, we ask that you be conscience of this serious situation. 

These small steps will minimize any undo disruptions and ensure we have adequate supply available to all residents. Please check the Town of Cortlandt website at for the latest information on the water restrictions and current posting from NWJWW.

Thank you for your cooperation.