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Town of Cortlandt, NY

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Report on the NRC’s Public Hearing/Comment

Release Date: July 30, 2021

Report on the NRC’s Public Hearing/Comment

Gathering Meeting of 7/29/21

From Supervisor Linda Puglisi

  1. I submitted a list of concerns, issues and suggestions in writing to the NRC for their two meetings held on 7/29/21.
  2. The list has been posted on the Town’s website and Facebook for the public’s information
  3. This list is a compilation over many recent meetings held with our community and New York State and from past years.
  4. I participated in the Government to Government NRC meeting held in the afternoon of 7/29/21 and made many key points and raised several questions ranging from safety/security, the need for more NRC inspections, the Algonquin Pipeline being too close to BV Elementary school and Indian Point and the NRC must get involved to inspect this line and issue reports to the public.
  5. Also, it’s my opinion that this hearing should have been held prior to the NRC’s approval of the transfer/sale of Indian Point’s nuclear plants to Holtec International.  We had made that request over a year ago.
  6. I called in to the evening NRC hearing and listened to all of the comments made by the public.  I can assure you I have made my voice heard and put in writing our serious issues as I have over the many years of attending NRC meetings.


Linda D. Puglisi

Supervisor, Town of Cortlandt