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Town of Cortlandt, NY

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September is Back-to-School Month and Town Youth Programs

Release Date: September 08, 2021

In September, our children go back to school.  The relaxing days of summer are now behind us; going to the town pool, taking family vacations, playing sports, summer concerts, barbecues, neighborhood parties, fireworks on July 4th and all the other great times. 
However, the education of our children is very important and we are fortunate to have excellent School Districts in our community. 
The Town kicks off the Fall months with our annual Cortlandt Family Fun Day (this year on September 18, raindate September 19) with fireworks. Then we go into our October events, a 5K Run for all ages, and several Halloween parties including a Dog Parade.  Yes, they are also dressed in festive costumes.  Lots of fun! 
I was a part in creating our first Youth Center in a small house leased to the town off Albany Post Road many years ago.  When we outgrew this space then the Town Board and I agreed to build a new Youth Center off Memorial Drive, near the New York State Police headquarters.  It opened September 2009 and has been a great and safe environment for many young people throughout the years.  The Director and staff are all highly qualified to supervise our children. We also have a drop in center called the C.U.E. with a pool table, games, TV, etc. near the movie theater at the Cortlandt Town Center.  Also, well supervised.
The Town Recreation Department has dedicated individuals who run our many youth programs:  basketball, lacrosse, softball, soon pickleball, assist with football and many other programs.  
Of course, we are very proud of our town pool campus with all of its amenities and our summer camps are always a big hit.  For the very young children we have a network of playgrounds and other activities for their enjoyment.  
Over the years, I have enjoyed handing out the trophies for all our sports teams to the boys and girls.  Each child receives a trophy.  Special thanks to our volunteer coaches who make these programs memorable. 
Another very special part of being Supervisor is when young people come into the Town Hall to meet with me to learn about our local government.  It could be Boy Scout or Girl Scout troop or classrooms from the various schools.  Sometimes it is just one student doing a report interviewing me.  All of these are wonderful.  They always have great questions and suggestions, I may add.  I tell them when they grow up perhaps they will be Town Supervisor, the Governor or even the President. I also tell them they can become whatever they want to and that whatever is in their future I know they will be great! 
Therefore, in summary, as a parent, a grandmother, and as a former Pre-School Director, I love working with and meeting our Cortlandt youth.  They are the best! 
Supervisor Linda D. Puglisi
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