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Town of Cortlandt, NY

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Thank You to our Emergency Services

Release Date: October 07, 2021

Working with all of our emergency service providers has been an honor for me as Supervisor for thirty years.  These men and women are all HEROES and protect us during all kinds of emergencies and during natural disasters (hurricanes, etc.).  October is National Fire Prevention month and we are grateful to all the firefighters who risk their lives at the scene of a fire as they did rushing up the stairs in the World Trade Centers during that tragic day of 9/11/01.  Once again, HEROES.

The firefighters (we have 7 departments) along with our two police departments (New York State and Westchester County), the EMT’s, ambulance corps and Paramedics are all dedicated to serving our community and to protecting lives.  They keep us all SAFE and I am also grateful for their service.  It has been a privilege to know them.

We recently observed the 20th anniversary of 9/11/01 and held a moving tribute not only for the victims, their families but to those who rushed down to Ground Zero to rescue and recover after that fateful day.  We in Cortlandt and in our nation are blessed to have these men and women who made the goal to help and save lives over their own.

We’ve had several very powerful hurricanes in our area over the past years and when the power goes out until it’s restored we also rely on the assistance from our emergency services. The American Red Cross is very helpful, as well, during these severe weather events. I also thank all of the healthcare workers during this pandemic and always.

So, during these occurrences I monitor the situations with our department heads especially our Highway director and town board and give updates to our community.  The safety of our residents and their families is a priority for a Town Supervisor.

Thank you to everyone who has worked closely with me over the years to keep Cortlandt safe!

-Supervisor Linda Puglisi

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