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Town of Cortlandt, NY

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From the Desk of Supervisor Linda Puglisi

Release Date: December 27, 2021

            I have spent these 30 years doing my best to be the champion of the people who live in our community. From the Indian Point challenges to the pandemic to the power outages from hurricanes to over-development and always protecting our neighborhoods.

            I always believed I was the representative and voice for the individuals and the families not for the big corporations nor for the big developers (most if not all did not live in the town).

            At the same time, rational growth can be a good thing in the right locations in order to expand the tax base and to provide jobs but it has to be planned right.

            I tried my best to resolve the issues and problems of each resident no matter how small because it was important to them. I always told our employees we are here to help, to assist, to care.

            I loved meeting so many wonderful people in our town, listening to them and doing my best to help them.

            I will miss them all and I will miss the position of Supervisor to have a positive influence in their lives. I will miss the children and look forward to their bright futures and our Seniors who shared their lives with me. Our Veterans have been a large part of my life over these many years and helping to provide opportunities for them which they deserved has been important to me. They fought for us and now we must fight for them I often said.

            I am grateful to the people in Cortlandt for giving me this great opportunity and for placing their trust in me for 34 years first as Councilwoman and then as Supervisor. I will always remember them with smiles, joy and happiness.

            I love Cortlandt and everyone who calls it Home.

-Supervisor Linda Puglisi

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Photo by Stefan Radtke