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Town of Cortlandt, NY

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Farewell, but Never Goodbye

Release Date: December 29, 2021

This will be my last article and message as Cortlandt’s Town Supervisor (retiring 12/31 21) after 34 years, as a Town Councilwoman (4 years) and as Town Supervisor (30 years) - 1992-2021. It has been an honor and a privilege to serve as Cortlandt’s Supervisor for three decades, starting in one century (20th) and ending in the next (21st). It has been a wonderful journey along the way. I’ve been blessed to have had many great experiences, complete so many of my original plans and goals and to meet so many wonderful people.

I am grateful for our Cortlandt government team (200 employees, 15 department heads and assistants, committees, councils and board members). They have all helped to make Cortlandt a better place to live and to raise our families.

Thank you to our excellent schools and educators, places of worship, healthcare and hospital workers, local businesses, volunteers and to our 32,000 wonderful people who live in Cortlandt and to all the families, Seniors and children.

As a Town Supervisor you have the privilege of attending our civic and senior group events, parades, Veterans meetings and ceremonies, and to work with other officials in the County, State and nation. I’ve done my best to meet every challenge with confidence that all problems and issues can be resolved. I’m pleased to say most have been. Also, my original goals stayed with me throughout the years; respect each resident and assist them, keep town taxes low, protect our environment and to have measured development and economic growth.

Also, it’s important to note that I along with my colleagues never rested on our laurels or past achievements but always said “what’s next to do.”

I have had a wonderful life as a daughter of two remarkable parents, as a parent of my amazing twins (Ali and Jeff), as a proud Grandmother of two grandsons who I adore (Oliver and Jeremy), as a pre-school director, HOA President, school and community volunteer and then as an elected Town Councilwoman for 4 years and as the Town Supervisor of Cortlandt for 30 years.

I would also like to congratulate Dr. Richard Becker, as the new Town Supervisor and our Town Board members James Creighton and Cristin Jacoby on their election victories, as well. Congratulations also, to Kimberly Ragazzo, town justice, Laroue Shatzkin, Town Clerk and Deb Carter, Receiver of Taxes.

As I say farewell, it’s never good-bye. I will always remember you all with smiles, joy, friendship, pride and love. I love Cortlandt!

Thank you,

Linda D. Puglisi