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Town of Cortlandt, NY

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Public HEaring - Zoning Amendments:Floor Area Ratio

Release Date: May 23, 2006



            PLEASE TAKE  NOTICE that the PLANNING BOARD of the TOWN OF CORTLANDT will conduct a Public Hearing pursuant to Cortlandt Town Board Resolution No. 171-06 requesting a recommendation to amend the text of the Town of Cortlandt Zoning Ordinance (Chapter 307) to regulate and control the size of residential buildings within existing Zoning Districts. 

            Said Public Hearing will be held on Tuesday, June 6, 2006 at 8:00 P.M., or as soon thereafter as possible, in the Vincent F. Nyberg General Meeting Room at Cortlandt Town Hall, 1 Heady Street, Cortlandt Manor, New York, to receive public comments and input, with respect to the proposed amendments to the Town of Cortlandt Zoning Ordinance (Chapter 307) as follows:

1)  Amend Section 307-4 Definitions to include the following:

FLOOR AREA RATIO:  Gross floor area divided by lot area.

2)  Amend Section 307-17 Table of Dimensional Regulations to include floor area ratio (FAR) and maximum structure size for the following Zoning Districts:  

Zoning District FAR Maximum Structure size      


R-G  (7,500 sf) 0.3 2,250 square feet

R-10 (10,000 sf) 0.3 3,000 square feet

R-15 (15,000 sf) 0.25 3,750 square feet

R-20 (20,000 sf) 0.25 4,000 square feet

R-40 (40,000 sf) 0.15 6,000 square feet

R-40A (40,000 sf) 0.15 6,000 square feet

R-80 (80,000 sf) 0.10 8,000 square feet

Anyone interested in addressing comments on the above to the Planning Board may do so by appearing in person at the above time and place or by submitting their written comments to the Cortlandt Planning Office no later than 3:00 P.M. on June 6, 2006.


Dated: May 18, 2006
Cortlandt Manor, New York                                                          Steven Kessler
PB 13-06                                                                                          Chairman