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Town of Cortlandt, NY

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CBD/RRUSP Fact Sheet

Release Date: January 03, 2007


CBD Factsheet


The intent of CBD is to replace the current PVD Special Permit which allows up to 24 bedrooms per acre.   The CBD as proposed, will allow a variety of housing types up to 6 bedrooms per acre  - this is an approximate 75% reduction over the previous PVD.




Ø      A CBD is unmapped zoning district, established by Special Permit from the Town Board on a case by case basis to provide for a variety of housing types.

Ø      An application to the Town Board for a CBD is required to have a minimum acreage of 25 contiguous acres on the following State Highways – Route 6, Route 202/35 and Route 9A. 

Ø      The Town Board may consider commercial components such as retail shops, personal service shops, professional offices, and small grocery stores to be included within the project area.

Ø      Density: It is envisioned that CBD’s will be developed at a density of 3 units per acre (up to 6 bedrooms per acre) with a guarantee that 10% of the units be “forever affordable”.  There is a possibility of higher density (of up to 5 units or 10 bedrooms per acre)  with a "supervote" of the Town Board. (A supervote is when 4 out of 5 members vote in the affirmative).  This would occur for projects that have a substantial benefit to the community which would include significant offsite infrastructure improvements.

Ø      A preliminary review indicates that the following 3 parcels may apply for a CBD special permit: 

o       Frooks – 35.09 acres – approximately 108 units

o       Mendelowitz – Route 6 – 36 acres – approximately 108 units

o       Dyckman Ridge – Route 202 – 33.7 acres – approximately 101 units

o       Total possible units of 317


For more specific detail on CBD– please read the Draft Ordinance.




RRUSP  Factsheet


The intent of RRUSP is to encourage the re-development and upgrading of pre-existing non-conforming residential properties.



Residential Re-Use Special Permit Highlights:


Ø      RRUSP is a special permit that can only be issued by the Town Board.

Ø      RRUSP will be applicable to pre-existing non-conforming residential units of 3 more in all zoning districts in the Town. 

Ø      20% of the new units will have to be affordable under Westchester County guidelines.

Ø      The total number of bedrooms shall not exceed an average of 2 bedrooms per unit.

Ø      Density will be permitted at 20% over the existing density of units – rounded up.



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