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Town of Cortlandt, NY

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Department: Town Supervisor

2019 Budget Information

Release Date: December 13, 2018

Town of Cortlandt 2019 Budget


I am pleased to announce that the Town Board and I adopted the 2019 budget at our December public meeting of December 10, 2018.


The Town of Cortlandt is in excellent financial shape with the continuation of our very low town tax record.  In 2019 the tax increase for the average assessed property will only be $1.80 for the year.  We have very low debt, only .83 of what Moody’s states the town could borrow 370 million dollars.  Our debt is mostly water related projects such as new water storage tanks and equates to $5 million, lower than when I began as Supervisor in 1992. 


Also, we always have a budget surplus, never a deficit and have completed over $150 million dollars in capital projects over the years infrastructure, recreational, etc.)


“I’m very proud to be Cortlandt’s Town Supervisor and give thanks to our town board members, department heads, to all of our employees and special thanks to our

Town Comptroller, Patty Robcke.”




Linda D. Puglisi

Town Supervisor