Businesses & Town Residents…HIRE A TEEN!

Y.E.S. is a FREE service provided by the Town which seeks to connect youth ages 14-18 with local businesses and town residents who have employment opportunities.

We have a database of over 400 local young people ages 14-18 who are actively looking for work. 

Businesses—get help filling seasonal, part-time and year-round positions.

Town Residents—find teens to assist with tasks around your home.

What to Expect

  • Y.E.S. will collect the details on your job and create a listing.
  • We will advertise your position.
  • Youth interested are responsible for applying and scheduling an interview with you.  You determine their compatibility as well as negotiate the terms of employment with them.
  • Town Residents:  Your jobs are given a number and your personal information is not included in the post.  Teens contact the Y.E.S. office to request these details. 

Contact Program Coordinator Lisa Anderson
Phone: 914-642-3027