If you want to report a problem with a sign, light or other road markings, there are several ways to do this:   

  1. If the item needs immediate attention – a road hazard, you can call the Highway Division Mon.-Fri. 8:30-3:30  After hours you can call the State Police.  Please be specific as to location and nearby cross streets.  
  2. You can also call or write to the Town Supervisor's office who will refer the matter to the appropriate town staff for review and respond back to you.  Writing is preferable to calling because several different people will need to review your request and we can best understand it if it is in your own words.  Also, it often helps us understand your request if you can draw maps or diagrams.  Always provide a phone number where we can reach you if there are any questions.  
  3. If the matter involves a state road or highway, you should contact both the NY State Dept. of Transportation and the Town of Cortlandt.  Again writing is preferable to calling.  We ask that you contact both agencies because this will speed up the response to your request.  Also, the DOT is more responsive when both a resident and the Town request an action by the DOT.  State Roads are Route 9, 9A, 6, 202 and Parkways.  
  4. If the matter is strictly an enforcement issue (traffic speeding, ignoring signs, etc.) then you can contact both the County and State police.

The Town Supervisor's office and Town Board often refer residents’ requests to both town employees  (the Dept. of Technical Services) and to the Town Traffic and Safety Advisory Committee for further review.  The people will consider factors such as need, cost, benefit, side effects and legal regulations and enforcement in recommending any action.  Sometimes a response or action may take up to 3 months to give time for all the people involved to visit the site and communicate with others as to what should be done.  Please be patient.  

Did you know that any changes that are “enforceable” by police (speed limits, stop signs, lights, no parking, etc.) require a vote by the full Town Board before approval ?

This is a requirement of NY State law.    

Did you know that any changes on State Roads must be requested in writing to the NY State DOT in Poughkeepsie and wait for their written approval ?

Did you know that the Town of Cortlandt has joined with our neighbors in Peekskill and Yorktown to study and plan for the regions future Traffic and Land Use needs ? 

The Northern Westchester Sustainable Development Study began in 2000 under the direction of the Westchester Co, Planning Dept. and includes the NY State D.O.T and NY Metropolitan Transit Council as well.  The study should be completed by Nov. 2002 and the results should be publicized shortly thereafter.  For more info, see the websites below. 

School Bus and bus stop issues should be directed to the school districts.

Town Supervisor’s Office


Town Highway Division


NY State Police in Cortlandt


Westchester County Police in Cortlandt


NY State DOT -

845-431-5750 – main number

Region 8
Poughkeepsie, NY

845-575-6040 - Safety issues, Traffic  devices, commercial vehicles

School buses – Lakeland


School buses – Hen. Hud.





  Westchester County Public Works


School Buses - Lakeland


Hendrick Hudson






Putnam Valley