New legislation requires all homeowners receiving BASIC STAR exemption to register with the NY State Tax Department to receive STAR exemptions in 2014 & subsequent years. This is part of an initiative to protect New Yorkers against the costs of inappropriate or fraudulent STAR exemptions. 

Senior citizens receiving ENHANCED STAR are NOT affected by the new registration requirement. Seniors must, however continue to apply annually or participate in the state's Income Verification Program (IVP). 

NY State will be mailing information to BASIC STAR recipients approximately late September. The Dept. of Finance telephone # is (518) 457-2036. website:

The Town of Cortlandt offers most Real Property Tax exemptions allowed by New York State law. The deadline for all exemptions to be filed in the Town of Cortlandt is May 1 of each year.

The most common exemption most homeowners are eligible for is the STAR exemption. 

If you are over the age of 65 years old there may be an additional savings depending on your income level. If you are a Veteran that served on active duty during a time of war, you may also be eligible for an exemption. Please contact our office for more information.

The following link will provide you with STAR as well as information on the other exemptions offered:

 Tax Policy & Exemptions