Debbie Carter is a lifelong resident and 3rd generation Town of Cortlandt resident. She, her father, and her children were all graduates of Hendrick Hudson High School. After attending Hen Hud Debbie went on to earn her BA in Business, Management, and Finance and then proceeded to earn an MA in Business and Policy studies.

Community service and dedication was a family affair which began over 70 years ago when Debbie’s grandfather opened the family business, Carter Funeral Home, servicing those in the Town of Cortlandt. Debbie grew up learning the importance of helping others. Following in her father’s footsteps Debbie joined the Hendrick Hudson Lion’s Club, a community service organization focusing their efforts on helping local families in need. From there she went on to become founder of the Hendrick Hudson Leo’s Club, a club created to instill in young adults the importance of giving back and helping others while providing a venue for the participants to keep busy (over 300 hours of community service projects were carried out per participant.)

Later, Debbie focused her efforts on another way to further help the town and was elected as a Town Councilwoman in 2013. She served on the board for 8 years and was known for her focus on the budget, expenditures, and ensuring all employees were treated equally. With the retirement of the former Receiver of Taxes, Debbie decided to use her experience as the liaison to the tax office and her financial acumen to run for the Receiver of Taxes position and was elected in 2021.

For the past 20 years Debbie worked with New York State in various roles including working with the MTA Small Business Mentoring Program, NYC School Construction Authority, and the Workers Compensation Board.