Update, 11/15/21

Dear Resident,

The Town of Cortlandt is pleased to announce that the next phase of the Broadway Streetscape enhancements from 8th Street to 11th Street will soon begin.  The project cost will be partially funded by Community Development Block Grants; in the amount of $350,000; with the Town’s share being $464,500.  The project will extend the sidewalks from 8th Street to the corner of Letteri Field on 11th Street.  In addition to sidewalk, enhancement to parking and landscaping will be completed. 

The Town’s Contractor Peter J. Landi, Inc. will begin work within the next 7-10 days.  The Contractor will begin with selective demolition and drainage work this fall and then return in the spring to install the curbing, sidewalk, planting and pavement restoration. 

There will be limited disruptions with the associated work and any disruption will be coordinated with the adjacent property owner.  We do not anticipate any impacts to the local roads or side streets.  Emergency response will not be impacted. 

Project plans are readily available for review and can be found on the Town’s website (scroll to Broadway Streetscape) www.townofcortlandt.com/projects or by scheduling an appointment with DOTS - Engineering.  You can reach staff at 914-734-1060.

Updates will periodically be posted on the Town’s website or through the “Code Red” notification system.  Thank you for your understanding and patience as we work to complete this project. 

The Broadway Streetscape is an improvement project that encompasses several phases, located in Verplanck, Town of Cortlandt.  This multi-year project which provides sidewalks and decorative streetscape enhancements along Broadway from it's intersection with Riverview Avenue (at the River) to 16th Street and possibly beyond. In addition to sidewalks and curbs, the project includes several streetscape design enhancements including street trees, shrubs, historic lights, duratherm reflective crosswalks and a duratherm compass rose and custom manhole at 6th and Broadway.

  • Phase I - 5th Street to 8th Street is was completed in 2007. 
  • Phase II- Riverview Avenue to 5th Street  was completed in 2017. 
  • Phase III- 8th to 16th Streets $250,000 CDBG Grant Awarded for Fiscal Year May 2020 - May 2021.   Due to the amount of funding may need to shorten the project scope.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please call The Department of Technical Services, Engineering Division at 914-734-1060.